Friday, 10 February 2012

Out of the loop

Ha, been a long time. I did finish and as I'm abck to the blogging here's the actual finished piece.

Special thanks to my cohorts whom I lived with whilst making my final film, and a thanks to Lee Miller for creating the music in such a short space of time after my original music make let me down :)

It makes me cringe in places but I'm still proud of my little 3 minutes.

Thursday, 9 April 2009


Okay, would like some opinion on this shot. It's not the final cut, I still have some elements to add, but this is essentially it. What do people think of the red flashing. Does it work? Is it too distracting? Is the timing off? Or is it just plain redundant?

Thursday, 26 March 2009


Well version 8 failed at rushes this morning, but hopefully you can see it here:

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I still here!

I've neglected the blog somewhat, but I've almost finished the animating. But I've got some coloured animation done.

I may add some extra detail later if I have time, but this is basically the shot.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Animatic version 3

I figured I'd skip two and go straight to version 3 which was my hand in Pilot

Want to extend the last few shots slightly so it reads better, but other than that I just want to see if it works as well once I have all the backgrounds painted.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Animatic version 1

This is the first version of my animatic that I made just before Christmas. Hopefully I can uplaod the newer version by the end of the week.

Just a brief run down of the story.

Dog is the main character. The intial pretense is that he is some kind of sci-fi astronaut. His ship come under attack from 'the tentacles' (tentacles in honour of Ron). When it seems all hope is lost, the scene fades to reveal it was a complete fantasy.

Dog is in fact the soft toy of Lily, who has become bored with playing the space game. Dog on the other hand is still into the game and is constantly grasping for the toy ray-gun. He is then struck with horror to discover Lily wants his to put on a dress and play Tea Party.

The two squable until Lily falls to the floor dejected. Dog is then struck with guilt as he realises all the effort Lily has gone to for the game, she even baked a cake for him. So he reluctantly consents to wearing the dress.

Time passes and the Tea Party draws to a close as Dog realises Lily has finally fallen asleep. Clutched in her hand he finds a sheet of doodles, in which it proclaims Lily and Dog as 'BESTFRIENDS'. Dog is chuffed by the sentiment until he lamentable realises he has be drawn wearing the dress. In a last bid to maintain some dignity he corrects the picture so he is once again wearing his space suit.

Aesthetic Mock up 1

This is the main background for Lily's bedroom. This was painted with gouache, as the rest of my backgrounds will be. This particular background is predominated for the middle of the film, such as the initial pan across when Dog returns to reality.

Here is a mock up with Lily and Dog.

I know Dog doesn't stand out very well on this particular part of the back ground, but only Lily will in fact ever appear on this particular piece of scenery. Any time that Dog is present on the floor, he will by that point be wearing the dress so he should stand out.